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Why You Should Hire Me To Write For You


As a writer and blogger, I enjoy writing on a variety of topics, such as business management, finance, internet marketing, work at home, online businesses and health.


I am available to write articles, blog post and seo content articles for your blog or business website.


When you hire me, you are not getting just a content creator, you are getting so much more!


Hire Me


Many writers just write copy and leave it to a SEO specialist to optimize the article and do all the necessary keyword research to get the articles found in the search engines.  When you hire me, you are getting the whole package!


I have a vast amount of business experience and project management built up over many years.  I am an experience at content creation, SEO strategies and keyword analysis to get your content found in the search engines.


Here are a couple of my articles that are appearing on Google Page 1:

  • Content Marketing Strategy: Selling Without Selling
  • Make 100 Day Google Without Selling Thing


As you know, the crucial factor in getting traffic and sales is getting your blog and content found on the search engines and getting on Page 1 of Google and Bing.


Hire Me to Write for You


When I produce content for your blog or business website, you will get the following:


  • A compelling article title with a relevant keyword.
  • Copy written in grammatically correct English.
  • Minimum 500 word, but can create mega content of 3000 to 5000-word articles.
  • Keyword researched with three top keywords for your product and service.
  • SEO optimized for the keywords you want to rank for.


If I can be of service to you as a Writer for Hire, simply click the Hire Me or Contact Me button below to contact me via email. Let me know the approximate article length you would like and what the article should be about.


It would be ever so helpful if you provide the article title, the target keywords or phrases, and a basic description of the article. My rates are $0.05 per word, here’s a few examples:

500 words   – $25.00
1000 words – $47.50
2000 words – $90.00


Contact Me

Here are some samples of my work


Selling On Ebay – Best Items To Resell For Profits
Make $100 A Day With Google Without Selling A Thing
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