How Do Bloggers Make Money

First Published: 9 Apr 2021

Bloggers Make Money


How do Bloggers make money? Have you ever considered starting a blog to make money online? If not, you should, because by tapping into the blogging make money niche, you can create an income and increase your earnings.


A blog is a website featuring an easy-to-use content management system that allows for quick updating in chronological order.


The roots of blogging trace back to online journaling and community-building efforts but approached from a business perspective.


How to earn money blogging

  1. Choose a good and lucrative niche
  2. Start a blog
  3. Write quality contents
  4. Drive traffic towards your site
  5. Make Money


The structure of blogs, treatment from search engines, and ease of use make them a wonderful money-making tool. It’s perfect for revenue-producing businesses because the sites are well-organised and heavy on content.


Bloggers Make Money


Regardless of your blogging platform, you can produce a content-based site featuring a series of well-targeted pages.


Search engines love content. Textual content keeps search engine spiders well-fed and persuades them to visit repeatedly.


Google, Yahoo and other search engines reward informative sites chock-full of information with better positioning in search results and index these sites. Because blogs are content-driven, they serve as a model for how to build a cooperative relationship with a search engine.


Ultimately, an effective blog with high audience engagement produces high search engine rankings to generate high traffic levels. Traffic, of course, is a key to profitability. It is hard for a site to profit if no one sees it! The traffic advantages created by the search engines are one of the chief selling points of the blog.


Make Money Blogging


The one thing your site’s success will hinge on is fresh content for your visitors.


Whether a blog user writes their content or outsources the job to a pro, adding new content is very important and can be done simply and conveniently with WordPress.


This makes it easy to build content-rich sites that soar to the top of the search engine rankings. It also creates a heightened level of stickiness for the blog, making return intent more impressive.


Blogging competition is everywhere, including among bloggers who blog about blogging. The amount of people attempting to start a blog to make money is high.


Many people online would like to start blogging to make money online, yet finding the right niche to start is what tends to hold many people back.


Every niche has a lot of competition, so finding a high-search, low-competition niche can be very lucrative. There are plenty of bloggers making a huge amount of money online blogging. Some even do it as their full-time job.


Even so, the secret to blogging to make money is creating a great article that answers the audience’s concerns and a website or brand that visitors can trust.  Offering more services for your readers for free is a smart marketing concept.


Blogs That Make Money


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How Bloggers Make Money


To answer the question of how bloggers make money, The answer is very easy if you follow a strategy. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


  1. Affiliate marketing on your blog
  2. Banner adverts should be displayed on your website, and Google AdSense should be displayed.
  3. Write advertisements and sponsored content and sell sponsored blog posts
  4. Write guest blog posts for media outlets
  5. Charge for sponsored social media posts
  6. Sell digital products on your blog
  7. Sell your blog’s newsletter space
  8. Earn Money Online by Flipping Websites
  9. Create a Paid Membership Website
  10. Sell Ebooks on WordPress
  11. Sell Online Courses
  12. Offer Freelance Services


All of the above can be started anytime, but here are two forms of money-making ideas that you can start immediately: affiliate marketing and AdSense ads.


Blogging – How To Make Money Blog For Online Business


These are a two newbie friendly way to start blogging to make money online:


Affiliate Marketing


You can start your Blogging to make money online with affiliate links. An affiliate program is a joint venture partner program that pays out every time people click out of your site to buy something, and it is still among the best ways for a beginner to earn money by blogging.


One of the best affiliate programs to be associated with is It’s probably the only affiliate link worth doing for many niches because it’s such a huge market that you would be silly not to be involved with them.


Individuals are far more prone to buy through than a mon and pop site. You earn when someone buys within 24 hrs after clicking your link to


Every time someone clicks on with your affiliate link and buys a product you suggested (or anything), you will make up a small percentage of up to 8% of the buy price.


Find products you like (consider your customers first and promote what they would love and use). Promote these and share them with your list.


bloggers who make money


Here are some of the affiliate sites you may want to join:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Rakuten’s affiliate program
  • Commission Junction’s affiliate program
  • Share Sale
  • Flex offers
  • TradeDoubler
  • Shopify
  • ClickBank
  • AWeber


How To Make Money Through Blogging In The UK




Google AdSense is one of the simplest and easiest methods to make money online. To get accepted on Google AdSense, you’ll need a quality website with quality content and all the essential pages.


Increase your blog reach by writing on topics associated with high CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords to display related ads with the greatest earning potential.


AdSense runs 24 hours daily and deposits the cash straight into my banking account each month. Google is a multi-national corporation, so there is no need to worry about not being compensated. Whereas affiliate links need to be put on several posts, AdSense operates on every page of your blog.


1. You need to sign up for an AdSense account. It’s a simple process, but you will have a short wait while your site is approved.


Once your website is approved,, you can use AdSense ads on any site you have. But because you don’t need to have the other sites approved, you will still need to ensure you are following the AdSense terms. They are very strict, and if you are caught breaking their terms, you stand the risk of having your account suspended.


2. Building your pages will be your next step. The key to this is finding a keyword that has a lot of demand but not a lot of competition. If you want to go the free route, you can sign up for Google Ads or Ubbersuggest using their free tools to find the demand and the competition.


If you have the money, you will get a much better selection of keywords with Wordtracker. You want to use the keyword in your page’s title and the page’s body a few times. For content, you can write your own or visit an article directory and find a good article to use on your page. If you do that, look for an article with your keyword in the body a few times. If you use someone else’s article, be sure their bio is included on your site; that is why they allow you to use it.


3. We are ready to add the AdSense ads to the site now. You can use three ads. The ads should be placed at the top of the page, one vertical ad on the right side, and one at the bottom. If you decide to use one ad, you should put it at the top of the page.


The AdSense ads will have a border around them, but most people remove that by changing the border’s colour to the same colour as the page, so if your page is white, change the border colour to white, and you won’t see the border. You want the ad to blend into your page as much as possible.


Once that is done, it’s a matter of waiting for traffic, and you can start getting paid each time someone clicks on the AdSense ads. It may take a while to get your pages indexed, so in the meantime, you might need to write a few more articles to get a little traffic to your site.


There are other ways to build sites; some people use programs that will build thousands of pages, but the search engines have been able to identify most of those types of sites, so it is not recommended.


If you are looking for a faster way to get sites up, I recommend buying some of the readymade AdSense sites; most are well-built with all the bells and whistles, are not very expensive, and can be purchased at sites like


You can use other forms of PPC ads once you are a little more experienced. You can get the full breakdown from this excellent post by Wordstream.


how bloggers make money

Generate Quality Traffic


To generate quality traffic, create great content, and learn search engine optimization (SEO) to position your content on the first page of search results. SEO allows you to beat your competition in your niche.


Write content that’s relevant to your subject to attract readership. Write a well-researched article which is unique and original so that you will receive organic visitors in a short space of time. Writing original and quality content likewise helps establish your site as an authority in your niche subject and can enhance your ability to monetise your site.


Advertising systems pay out each time people click their ads. For those with high-quality content, the cool thing is that the content will be shared by people who read your article.


Digital Products


Many factors influence your income. But, producing quality content inside a lucrative niche is important.


Many bloggers create and sell their very own e-books. E-books are wonderful because they do not need inventory and can be distributed. There is no overhead and occasional risk.


Other monetisation strategies include selling services or products, such as web-based classes or e-books that you create. For those who have a valuable understanding of their niche category, you may create useful e-books or web-based classes that you market and then sell in your blog.


Blogging Make Money


Build an Email Marketing List


The quickest method to build trust with individuals is e-mail marketing; if you do not understand what that is? Well, it is among the greatest converting mediums for promoting sales online.


There are many advantages to getting an e-mail list. Developing trust online requires much time and effort, yet that can be done through email marketing.


Another way to increase your list is as simple as offering freebies on your site. It’s no secret that individuals love freebies. So, go on and offer them a free course.


Affiliate marketing and advertising are two of the most popular ways bloggers profit from their sites. Once their email list grows, you can start selling e-books, courses, and coaching as the next stage to monetise your site.


(FAQ) frequently Asked Questions And Answers


How do bloggers get paid?

Many bloggers make a living through various monetisation strategies, such as displaying advertisements on their website, collaborating with sponsors, promoting affiliate products, or offering their products or services to their audience.


How much money does 1,000 views make on Blogger?

The amount a blogger can earn from 1,000 views on Blogger is not set in stone. It can range from $1 to $4, depending on factors such as the blog’s niche, the audience’s engagement level, and the strategic placement of ads.


How do you start a blog and make money?

Prioritising reader engagement by consistently delivering valuable content and fostering community cultivates a loyal following and expands your blog’s reach. Monetisation avenues include ads, affiliate marketing, and product sales. To initiate a profitable blog:

  1. Start by pinpointing your expertise or passion.
  2. Craft top-notch content optimised for search engines within your chosen niche.
  3. Utilise social media to broaden your audience and boost visibility.


Is blogging a good way to make money?

Blogging can be an excellent way to make money strategically, focusing on quality content, audience engagement, and multiple revenue streams such as ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

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